2 years ago
First Day back

So after this long 4day weekend we had it was the first day back at work. So as I said I would, I stuck to my guns and only had one coffee (no sugar) and for the rest of the day I had 2 bottles of water (it takes time to get into this whole water thing).

I don’t really know if it is recommended to drink coffee when you are getting into a health kick but Oh well.

I plan to start drinking Green Tea I may go out at lunch and get some for myself tomorrow. I hear it is good for Speeding up your metabolism, balancing your sugar levels and lowering your heart rate few more thing but can’t rememeber them all.

I had my first run today in ages and it felt painful (I hate running with a passion) but I want to get me fitness up and my endurance up so I don’t look like a total n00b all the time. I have to actually plan a route otherwise I will never be able to know the distance I ran.

Speaking of endurance I have also decided to buy a skipping rope for when I don’t feel like running and for those nights that I just can’t seem to fall asleep.

I haven’t planned this whole fitness thing out very well I know but F it I’m gonna wing it.

Any kind of help you guys can offer me is always encouraged and will be kind of helpful :) Also just before I go do you guys know of any guys who are are doing the same kind of thing?

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